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Dr. Kevin J. Payne


You’re the expert on your organization. Dr. Payne compliments your practical experience with proven social science and tested data analytics. He provides an expert outside perspective that helps you see new possibilities for your organization. He offers a full range of strategic and operational consulting, data analytic, speaking, and training services. He brings more than two decades of experience studying people, organizations, markets, and technology to your problem — and years of making those insights useable for everyone.

Click the sections below to reveal more information. You can also click on the “Details…” links or go to the About page. Dr. Payne is also happy to answer questions about how he can help your organization find your fit and adapt for success.

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Dr. Payne is not your typical consultant. Most consultants identify themselves in a well-defined niche: management, human resources, public relations, marketing, organizational, performance, development, or Internet and information technology consultants are all common. There’s a good reason for this since these labels allow a professional to be easily recognized. He brings something different: depth of experience across an integrated set of fields.

Social science is the “user’s manual” for being human. Research methods is how we ask better questions and get better answers to live more successfully. Too often, we’re intimidated by the idea of science, but social science is practical and Dr. Payne specializes in making it relevant to your better decisions.

His services overlap data and statistical consulting, strategic consulting, operational consulting, organizational and individual performance consulting, and IT consulting. He focuses on high level strategy and mid-level organizational and individual processes supported with better data and decision making. He cuts through the fads and applies both cutting edge and time tested social scientific findings to your challenge. You might call Dr. Payne a human data strategist.

Dr. Payne’s consulting builds on decades of expertise in four broad areas:

  • Social Science: how people, organizations, and markets work
  • Research Methods: how to get better human data and use it for better decisions
  • Information Technology: making and implementing organizational IT choices, especially considering how people and technology interact
  • Optimal Decision Making: how to ask the right questions, identify the best answers, and incorporate them into your organizational procedures

Dr. Payne can provide crucial perspective on your management, marketing, process, organizational and strategic decisions.

As a data analyst, Dr. Payne provides a full range of quantitative and qualitative analytics and reporting services. But as a data strategist, his services go much further.

Better data drive better decisions in every area of your enterprise. They help you understand your organization, employees, clients, stakeholders, competitors, markets, and whether you are really progressing toward your goals. They allow you to better direct your precious resources and generate a better return on your investment. It’s now crucial to have an efficient, effective strategy generating better data and turning it into useful insights. It is certain that your competitors will. A comprehensive data strategy is an essential part of successfully operating in today’s markets.

As a data strategist, Dr. Payne helps clients ask better questions, get the most from data you have, find data you can use, and collect data you need. He analyzes it and finds the meaning so that you can put it to use. But, as a lifelong educator, he also shows you how you can learn to become a better producer and consumer of your own data.

Sometimes we all lose sight of the forest for the trees — and networked digital technologies have grown a very big data forest, indeed. Most organizations are already collecting some data (whether or not we realize it or are not quite sure how to best use it). We can become intimidated by “data” and give up, thinking it’s just too much trouble. We can get consumed with collecting more data and forget that all data aren’t created equal. If we have no data, or few data, then we realize we’re at a competitive disadvantage. But, in reality, we often have bad data or wrong data — lulling us into a false sense of security and placing our decisions on a shaky foundation.

The solution is more better data to make better decisions. Better data come from a better process. But the process doesn’t end with getting better data. Once you have better data, Dr. Payne helps you turn it into a stream of clear, useful insights.

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Dr. Payne speaks on a variety of topics around useful strategies for making better individual and organizational decisions, as well as strategies that help you and your organization foster better decisions from others. You don’t just want your enterprise to make better decisions, you want to help your potential clients make better decisions that build long term relationships.

He’s able to tailor his talks to your organization, industry sector, or a particular event by drawing on a wealth of entertaining and timely examples appropriate to your needs.

He offers training seminars about introducing and applying the principles of fit/ADAPTS™ to all phases of better decision making: collecting better data, better analytics, interpreting data, and communicating your message.


Workshops & Training

Workshops & Training

Teach executives, professionals & employees about two things:

(1.) how to easily integrate data and scientific thinking into your better decision-making, and (2.) how to operate successfully under distress.

Advising & Consulting

Advising & Consulting

Advise organizations on the best ways to include data and social & behavioral science insights into existing workflows and decision-making so they won’t become blindsided by poor planning and wishful thinking.

Organizational Evaluation

Organizational Evaluation

Critical analysis of your organization or a specific program, process or policy, backed by real data and validated science, along with practical instructions for implementation, improvement and monitoring.

Interpretation & Reporting

Interpretation & Reporting

Using social and behavioral science, as well as business & management experience, to answer all-important questions for technical, business, or consumer audiences. Formats include written reports, presentations, slide decks & dashboards.

Data Analysis

Data Analysis

A full range of statistical & machine learning approaches; parametric, nonparametric & mixed methods; predictive, prescriptive & causal models. I select the right technique to insure you have trustworthy answers.

Research Design

Research Design

Bad data are worse than none. Make sure you’re collecting the right data in the right ways to reliably answer your organization’s questions. Includes surveys, interviews, focus groups, experiments, incidental & secondary data.