Cap’n Payne

Dread Cap'n PayneLife’s too short and stressful not to have some fun along the way. And nothing says “fun” more than a pop culture pirate.

But The Dread Cap’n Payne is not a pirate. He thinks that’s disrespectful of his profession. He prefers “privateer” or “extreme capitalist.”pirate_1

He was born several years ago, when Dr. Payne was a professor at Park University, and grew in popularity.  (See the promo video we did in 2010 — approved by Ol’ Chumbucket & Cap’n Slappy, themselves!)

He does living history of the “Golden Age of Piracy,” sword combat demonstrations, snappy repartee, and the occasional limerick or sea chanty.

He is available for your Kansas City area event, and will appear for your good cause or a charitable donation.

Appearance inquiries may be directed to Cap’n Payne.

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