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My company, Chronic Cow, is a labor of love. We deliver tools, training & technology supporting better quality lives for those living with chronic, invisible & disabling illness; loved ones & caregivers; and medical, therapeutic & support professionals. Chronic Cow is a company committed to:

  1. A beneficial, socially aware presence.
  2. Partnering with, and contributing to, nonprofits, public agencies, causes, and movements supporting chronic illness, caregivers, and medical and therapeutic practitioners.
  3. Maintaining an active research & development program in human data science and the analysis of relevant quality of life issues.
  4. Rethinking work and pursuing workplace innovations to further meaningful professional opportunities for those with chronic, invisible, and disabling illness, and those who give care.
  5. Speaking for scientifically-informed, data driven, and humane practices, policies, and procedures regarding those with chronic conditions, their loved ones and caregivers, and supportive medical and therapeutic professionals and institutions.

To her friends, she’s known as “Bossie,” the Chronic Cow.

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