Better Lives through Data, Science & Technology


JULY, 2016:  Watch here for a major relaunch of the site with new products and services!

Success is so simple, we often overlook how to achieve it: If we see ourselves and our world more clearly, we make better decisions, build better enterprise and live better lives.  I use data, science and technology to do that for you — or I teach you how to use those tools for yourself and your business.

I make data make sense. Data can look like a confusing screenful of numbers, but really, they’re just recorded traces of real human lives. If you pay careful attention and know the rules, they tell a story.

I blend decades of experience, expertise and education in:

  • research methods, statistical modeling, and machine learning
  • sociology, psychology, economics and other social sciences
  • management, leadership and entrepreneurship
  • creative communication, performance and teaching

That makes me a different sort of data scientist:

  • As a researcher and statistician, I command a wide range of analytic strategies that allow me to wring every bit of signal from your big (and small) data noise.
  • As a computer geek, I select and implement the right technologies for every phase of your data-driven business processes.
  • As a social scientist, I explain why those patterns appear as they do — and how you can influence them to further your mission.
  • As a manager and entrepreneur, I live the practice of putting decisions into action, learning what works and adapting to improve.
  • As a performer and teacher, I construct messages that entertain and inform as they connect with your stakeholders.  I show you how to make sense of data and guide your own stories.

I look into the data to draw out meaningful stories that drive better decisions, businesses and lives.

I’m not just a data scientist.  I’m a high-tech, data-driven storyteller.  And I use real data, real science, long experience, and the best technology to help you tell your success story.