Dr. Kevin J. Payne

Dr. Kevin J. Payne

Kevin J. Payne holds a doctorate in Sociology and Psychology from the University of Missouri. A research methodologist and data scientist by specialization, he has especially studied how people and organizations can best thrive under distress and disadvantage since the 90s. He has designed, conducted, managed, or consulted on more than a thousand basic and applied research and data science projects across most segments of business, industry and public policy. He has published or presented almost 50 works of original research in regional, national, and international venues. Tens of thousands have been educated, inspired, and entertained by his classes, workshops, seminars, and speeches. After 15 years as a professor, he left to become a serial entrepreneur and has previously founded or co-founded 4 bootstrapped, revenue-positive companies. He has led enterprises generating millions in annual revenues and posting year over year double-digit growth. And he advises early and growth stage companies and nonprofits. His current company, Chronic Cow™, is a labor of love.

Personally? He was born and raised in the KC Metro. Has lived with multiple sclerosis since at least 2002. Adores activities with heights and pointy objects. Can never have too many books. Thrives in front of an audience. Loves collecting new experiences in far flung places. Is devoted to his animals. Is probably more fond of his family than they are of him. And is sometimes a pirate.

He can be contacted via drpayne@kjpayne.com.


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