Moving In…

I have finally begun the process of moving my main homestead on the cyber-frontier from my long time (and long neglected) digs at to this easier to find place, — outfitted with brand new Web 2.0 technology and capable of supporting all the bells and whistles.  I have had plans for this move since 2005, but life gets in the way.  Now, I’ve just decided that I will make the time!  I’m sure it will be slower than I intend, but it’s good to get started.

As a beginning, I have laid out the basic structure of the site and filled in my “about” page.  I have hundreds of documents and hours of video to update or prepare for delivery, so I hope that this will eventually become a regular stop for devotees of social science, and those who believe that social science can be used to help make the world a better place.

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