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Much of what we think we know about the Golden Age of Piracy is just wrong. It’s been written by blockbuster movies and potboiler novels. The real story is far more fascinating. The line between pirate, soldier, terrorist, revolutionary and entrepreneur is thin and blurry. It is, after all, a matter of perspective — and history is written by the winners. Much of our modern world was born along the Colonial Caribbean and Eastern Seaboard, but we don’t learn much about it.

I grew up performing and sort of accidentally became a pirate many years ago. Since I’ve always been intrigued with history, it’s been a lot of fascinating fun.

Yeah, that’s right: a real pirate of the Golden Era. Quartermaster Richard Noland was his name. Quartermaster of the Whydah fleet, Captain of the Anne Galley, Recruiting Officer to Benjamin Hornigold, and accepter of a Royal Pardon from King George.

Our crew, The Real Pirates of Kansas City, provides pirates for all occasions. Quartermaster Noland might even be persuaded to deliver his keynote address, “A Real Pirate’s Life: Business Lessons from History’s Most Extreme Entrepreneurs” for your corporate or entrepreneurial event.

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